Improving Chronic Pain with Quality Sleep

Most people who suffer from chronic pain understand the relationship between poor sleep and discomfort. It’s a vicious cycle: poor sleep contributes to pain, and pain disrupts sleep. The two are so intertwined that two-thirds of people with chronic pain also experience some degree of sleeplessness.

Fortunately, this cycle can be broken by following steps to improve sleep, and therefore, reduce pain.

Stay Away from Stimulants

Stay away from soda, coffee, caffeinated teas and other stimulants near bed time. These stimulants make it harder to fall asleep and interfere with normal sleep patterns, so even if you do fall asleep, you won’t wake up feeling truly rested. If you like a warm beverage in the evenings, try herbal teas that don’t contain caffeine.

Create a Comfortable Sleeping Environment

Your pillow, blankets and mattress all contribute to the quality and quantity of sleep you get. Optimize your space to get quality sleep, keep your room as dark as possible, keep the temperature comfortably cool and get a pillow that supports your head and neck for maximum comfort.

Create a Bedtime Routine

Most kids have bedtime routines, but we tend to abandon them as adults. Bring a routine back to help your body recognize when it is time to wind down and prepare for sleep! Incorporate things that help you relax, like taking a bath, reading or meditating. Make sure your routine doesn’t include electronics, as the blue light from our screens can make falling asleep harder. Put your phone or tablet away about an hour before bed and resist the urge to fall asleep in front of the TV.

Following these steps and getting better sleep can reduce chronic pain, but we also recommend making an appointment with one of our chiropractors to address the root causes of your pain. We offer top quality care and same-day appointments for your convenience. Contact us today to schedule your visit!

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