Meet Dr. Bryan Gehm, formerly of Evergreen family chiropractic

Evergreen Family Chiropractic - Dr. Bryan Gehm

In the summer of 2021, we welcomed two new chiropractors to the Forgey team: Dr. Haley and Dr. Bryan Gehm. Coming to us from Evergreen Family Chiropractic, Dr. Bryan is a neuromuscular specialist with a background in sports medicine who loves being able to help people get back to living their normal lives without pain through chiropractic.

From Evergreen Family Chiropractic to Forgey Chiropractic

In 2013, Dr. Bryan graduated from the University of Western States, earning a Doctor of Chiropractic degree as well as a Master of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Science. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Oregon, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Physiology.

Both during his time at Evergreen Family Chiropractic and now at Forgey Chiropractic, Dr. Bryan treats a wide range of patients ranging from recreational enthusiasts and professional athletes to office workers and the elderly. Taking an evidence-based approach to treatment, he uses chiropractic manipulation, nutritional counseling, soft tissue work and exercise rehabilitation to return his patients back to their optimal health and performance.

If you are a new patient, Dr. Bryan is the chiropractor for you! He loves treating new patients and creates a welcoming, comfortable environment for people who may be anxious about their appointments. People may have seen videos online of adjustments that end in really loud pops of the back or neck and be a little scared. Dr. Bryan is quick to reassure that there are many different ways to improve movement, from slower adjustments done multiple times to quick adjustments done just once. He stresses that chiropractic is not a one-size-fits-all treatment and takes a customized approach according to every individual patient’s needs.

Chiropractic for Stress Relief

When asked about some of the more surprising benefits of chiropractic, Dr. Bryan points to stress and tension relief. “Most people don’t realize how much tension and stress they hold,” he says, describing how desk jobs, too much sitting and feeling stressed all the time can take a real toll on our bodies. Stress leads to physical symptoms like back pain and migraines, but chiropractic can help.
"Dr. Bryan is awesome. Appointments are easy to get at convenient times or even the same day when necessary. Dr. Bryan is gentle and gets the job done. He’s easy to talk to and answers questions for patient satisfaction and understanding."
"Super friendly and great service. I had an issue with what I thought was a torn ligament, and Dr. Gehm fixed days of pain with one treatment."
Kit Depaolo
"Fantastic chiropractic care! I’ve seen Dr. Bryan Gem for nearly two years and am very pleased with the care I’ve received at the practice. He’s very thorough and takes the time to ensure his treatment is effective. Highly recommend."
Kelly O’Keefe

Convenient Chiropractor Open on Saturdays

Sometimes, having a chiropractor open on Saturdays can make the difference between enjoying your weekend and spending too many days in pain waiting for an appointment. We want to provide the quickest possible relief from pain, which is why we are open Monday through Saturday and offer both same-day and walk-in appointments.

Offering convenient hours and being a chiropractor open on Saturdays is part of our commitment to providing the highest level of care to our patients.

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