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Earlier this summer, we welcomed two new chiropractors to the Forgey team: Drs. Bryan and Haley Gehm. You can get to know Dr. Haley here, and this week we are excited to introduce Dr. Bryan.

Dr. Bryan graduated from the University of Western States in 2013, earning a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, as well as a Master of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Science. Dr. Bryan’s undergraduate studies were at the University of Oregon where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Physiology.

His connection with Forgey Chiropractic actually began years ago, when he interned in our clinic. That experience taught him the ins-and-outs of our office, our treatment style and clinic culture. We are so happy to welcome him back!

A longtime athlete with a passion for the life sciences, Dr. Bryan’s participation in the fields of Chiropractic and Sports Medicine is truly a labor of love. As a neuromuscular specialist, he uses an evidence-based approach to treat his patients using chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue work, nutritional counseling and exercise rehabilitation. Dr. Bryan has treated a wide scope of patients ranging from professional athletes and recreational enthusiasts to office workers and the elderly. In all cases, his success results from applying an unbiased and studied focus on a patient’s individual needs, concerns and expectations. It’s a disciplined approach designed to return each of his patients back to their optimal health, performance and comfort.

Get to know Dr. Bryan a bit better below, and give us a call at 360-573-5500 to schedule an appointment!

What made you become a chiropractor?

I became a chiropractor because of its connection with sports medicine. When I was in school, I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field and I was interested in sports and athletics. Combining those two led to chiropractic. I was interested in athletes, pain and fixing the cause of pain with different exercises and stretches.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

Being able to help people get back to living their normal lives without pain – things like picking up their kids or just going for a walk every day. All people over time develop different pain and they just get used to it. It’s good to be able to help people get out of pain and back to their good lives.

What makes your practice unique?

I like to work on soft tissue as well as adjusting the joints, and showing patients different stretches or exercises to do to help them treat themselves at home.

How do you balance a busy chiropractic practice with family life?

That’s a good question that we are figuring out! Before we just had a small practice where we split our time evenly. One of us was treating patients and one of us was taking care of our kids. Now, the practice is bigger and we are working a lot more often, but we’ve been figuring it out.

People sometimes ask how we can work together, but it’s great because Haley knows exactly what my work days are like and vice-versa. Haley and I can balance our work with our patients and know what the other person has been doing all day.

What are some of the more surprising benefits of chiropractic?

Most people don’t realize how much stress and tension they hold and how over time, sitting and working at a desk all the time tightens up all of the muscles, the soft tissue of the body. You get these headaches or pain that feel random but it’s because we are so stressed and tense all the time. Chiropractic helps improve flexibility, increase range of motion and helps with those problems we didn’t even realize were such an easy fix. It doesn’t have to be that way! We get rid of the pains that people have become used to.

What’s the approach you take with new patients or people who may be anxious about their appointment?

I really like treating those kind of patients. A lot of people have seen the videos on YouTube where there are these crazy loud pops of the neck or back, and people will think that’s a little scary. But there’s many different ways to improve movement – whether that’s a slower adjustment done multiple times, or a quick adjustment done once. There are different techniques to get full range of motion, including slower, more gentle ones and working on soft tissue. Everybody has their own preferences, and its helpful for patients to realize its not a one-size-fits all treatment. There’s many different ways to create movement, and we customize what the patient is comfortable with and what’s best for them.

What should we all be doing every day to improve health and well-being?

Take more breaks from sitting! We need to move more.

People who work at desks or drive a lot or are just sitting all day for several hours at a time should break up those periods of inactivity with a little bit of movement to change the position they’re in. Sitting too much creates poor habits, tension and tightness. Get up and move, go for a little walk, just change what you’re doing to relieve some of that tension and tightness.

Dr. Bryan is available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Call Forgey Chiropractic at 360-573-5500 to schedule an appointment!

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