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5 Tips for Protecting Your Back on a Road Trip

For many people, summer means road trips. There are few things more fun than packing up the car and exploring new places, but if you suffer from back pain, spending hours on the road can be torture. If a long trip is on your radar for this summer, follow these tips to prevent and alleviate...
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Are You Drinking Enough Water After Your Chiropractic Treatment in Vancouver WA?

Drinking water is vital for health and well-being, and it helps every system of the body function at its best. Think of water as a necessary nutrient, just like protein, carbs or vitamins. Drinking enough helps your body maintain balance, control calories, energize your muscles and keep al of your systems working at their best....
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Chiropractic Care for Spring Allergies

It’s allergy season, which means millions of Americans are stocking up on antihistamines and other remedies to help them deal with stuffy noses, itching, sneezing and watery eyes. As many as 40% of people suffer from some types of allergic condition, and the number is expected to rise. As air pollution increases and climate change...
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