Meet Dr. Forgey of Forgey Chiropractic in Vancouver Washington

Dr. Doug Forgey, owner and clinic director of Forgey Chiropractic in Vancouver, Washington, is a Clark County native with more than 40 years of experience in treating sports-related and spinal injuries. He completed his pre-chiropractic studies at Clark College in Vancouver and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic, graduating magna cum laude.

About Forgey Chiropractic in Vancouver WA

Forgey Chiropractic is a unique, multi-disciplinary clinic offering the highest standard of care in chiropractic, sports medicine and massage therapy. Our all-natural, non-invasive treatments can help reduce pain and inflammation, improve range of motion and allow our patients to live healthier, more productive lives.

Chiropractic for Pain Relief

Dr. Forgey and our other skilled chiropractors are experts at treating and managing different conditions from back and neck pain to arthritis and tennis elbow. Our specialists will help identify issues with your neuromuscular and skeletal systems using different assessment methods and recommend treatments to reduce symptoms and enhance your quality of life.

Here are just some of the health concerns we address at Forgey Chiropractic:

Back & Spine

Lower back pain / Disc problems / Pinched nerves / Slipped discs

Accidents & INJURIES

Auto accidents / Sports injuries / Work injuries


Arthritis / Numbness in legs and arms / Painful joints / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / Fibromyalgia / Sciatica / TMJ / Tennis elbow

Foot Issues

Ankle sprain / Plantar Fasciitis / Foot pain / Heel pain


Neck pain / Elbow pain / Rib pain / Headaches / Hip pain / Jaw pain / Knee pain / Shoulder pain


Pediatric conditions / Spinal trauma / Disease prevention

The Best Chiropractic in Vancouver Washington

Dr. Forgey’s gentle approach and deep knowledge make him one of the best practitioners of chiropractic in Vancouver, Washington. See what some of his many happy patients have to say:

“Thank you again, Dr. Forgey. I just left and I already feel like a million bucks. You and your team are the best.”
Brandon T.
“Dr. Forgey is the only chiropractor I will see. Having moved from Clark County to King County a couple of years back for work, I make the near three-hour drive one-way to my appointments as needed. He has referred me locally — no way. I would rather make the drive!”
Michelle H.
“I’ve been a patient for more than 20 years and it’s great to go somewhere that treats you like family and cares about your needs. Every visit has a significant impact on how my body feels. Patient for life!”
Cody M.
“I want to let everyone know that Dr. Forgey has been a blessing in my life. I can live day to day without pain and it’s great. Thank you!”
John G.
“I never believed in chiropractic treatment, but as a last-ditch effort to alleviate my back and neck pain, I allowed a friend to talk me into seeing Dr. Forgey. I had seen multiple chiropractors in the past, but never had improvement. What can I say… he did it and I am 99% better!”
Tracy F.

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We understand busy schedules and how hard it can be to find time to take care of yourself. The week is spent juggling work, school and other responsibilities, and it’s difficult to take time off. You need a chiropractor who can work with your schedule, a chiropractor open on Saturdays. That’s us! We offer chiropractic care six days a week to fit your needs. Give us a call today at 360-573-5500 to schedule your appointment.

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