4 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions to Keep You Healthy and Happy in 2021

We’ve all dealt with an unbelievable amount of stress and change in 2020. The end of one year usually marks a period of reflection and plans for what we want to do differently or better in the new one, but this isn’t the time to pile on more expectations or pressure. Just surviving the year and getting to this point is quite an accomplishment, and we are here to say whatever you’re doing, you’re doing great.

That being said, we don’t totally want to abandon the tradition of making resolutions. Instead of making big, sweeping changes when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, follow these gentle suggestions that can improve both your physical and mental health in 2021. The smallest actions can build up to a big impact, so pick a few from this list and re-commit to yourself in the new year.

Stop Doomscrolling

There’s been so much doom and gloom in 2020 that we have a new word to describe the action of mindlessly scrolling through all of it — doomscrolling.

At it’s best, social media is a space where we can connect with loved ones, share common interests and laugh over cat pics and harmless memes. At it’s worst, it’s a never-ending feed of bad news, stress, and judgment. Doomscrolling only amplifies it all and instead of informing you, makes you feel worse. Set a timer on your phone and only spend a few minutes each day on social media in 2021. Your brain (and your neck!) will thank you.

Find a New Favorite Fruit or Vegetable

Adopting a new healthy eating plan is a great goal, but let’s just take it one step at a time. If the thought of overhauling your diet feels daunting, set a goal of trying a new fruit or vegetable each week. Never had beets or enjoyed a perfectly ripe persimmon? Now’s your time to try. Who knows? You may just find a new favorite, and this simple goal can make trying new, healthy foods fun.

Take a Gratitude Break

Practicing gratitude is good for your immune system, reduces stress and cuts your risk for developing mental health issues. Resolve to take a quick “gratitude break” each day in the new year. Busy? That’s ok — you just need a couple of minutes, literally. Take two minutes before you start your daily routine or before bed to think of things you are grateful for. We can always find something, even on the worst days, and focusing on that for a few moments can have tremendous benefits for your health and well-being.

Schedule an Adjustment

You can’t live your best life if you aren’t feeling your best! Resolve to make an appointment for an adjustment early in the new year to get a great start on 2021. Whether you are dealing with stress, headaches, back pain, joint pain, range of motion issues or other concerns, we can help. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 360-573-5500 today! 






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