Walk-In Chiropractors in Vancouver WA for Neck Pain

Have you ever woken in the morning feeling like your neck muscles are a mess of knots? Maybe you experience a burning type of pain that begins at the top of your neck, settles into your shoulders and even your back? And to top it all off, even turning your head from side to side feels like an impossible task? We understand, and we know how debilitating this type of pain can be. Our walk-in chiropractors in Vancouver, WA are here to help! Keep reading to learn about the two most common causes of neck pain and how chiropractic can reduce your symptoms so you can wake up well rested and ready to tackle the day.

Walk-in chiropractors in Vancouver WA for neck pain

Choosing the Wrong Pillow 

The pillow you rest your head on at night could be the culprit causing neck pain in the morning. We spend a lot of time asleep, and if that time is spent without the right support, you may wake up with pain and tight muscles instead of feeling refreshed and rested.

When snoozing, it is important to keep your neck and head in a neutral position as much as possible. Many pillows instead force the head and neck into an awkward, uncomfortable angle. Your pillow should cradle both your neck and head into a comfortable position without straining them to the side, downwards or upwards. We love memory foam and feather pillows because they can better conform to the natural shape of your neck and gently guide you to a healthier sleeping position.

Choosing the right type of pillow is the first step toward better sleep and less neck pain, but replacing your pillow at the right time is just as important. Pillows aren’t meant to be kept forever, and we recommend replacing yours once every two to three years. If yours is starting to sag, flatten or develop lumps, replace it right away. A new pillow can do wonders for your sleep!

Choosing the Wrong Sleep Position 

This one may be harder to change than your pillow, but sleeping in an unnatural position can really do a number on your neck. A healthy sleep position supports your spine and neck’s natural curve.

We recommend sleeping on your back or your side to prevent muscle strain and neck pain. These positions more evenly distribute the pressure placed on your body at night. Conversely, sleeping on your stomach increases that pressure and places more strain on your spine.

Changing sleep positions can take time, but try to relax on your side or back to give yourself a shot at waking up feeling better than ever before.

Visit Our Walk-In Chiropractors in Vancouver WA 

If you’ve tried a new sleeping position and upped your pillow game but are still experiencing neck pain in the morning, a visit to Forgey Chiropractic may be in order! Our walk-in chiropractors in Vancouver WA can help alleviate discomfort, ease muscle strain and tension, loosen stiff joints and relax your body.

Here’s what some of our patients have to say after visiting Forgey Chiropractic for neck pain:

“Just received my first adjustment from Dr. Haley and it was an amazing experience. I went in with neck and lower back pain, Haley took the time to educate and walk me through the treatment process to alleviate my tightness/discomfort. I will definitely be coming back to see her, it was clean, professional, and so nice to have someone take the time to listen to you.” 

– Kristin Day

“I have had great experiences working with both Dr. Bryan and Dr. Haley. They were extremely thorough and able to explain exactly what was going on with my neck and back. Best of all, it only took a few visits to see a significant change! The care that they have provided me has helped me continue to pursue my active lifestyle, and I can’t thank them enough for that!” 

– Adam Phaneuf

“I am a chiropractor myself and was in town for vacation and woke up with my neck completely locked up. I called multiple places on a Saturday until Dr. Bryan answered! He said he could work around his schedule and fit me in as quickly as I needed! I got there and he not only worked on some spasmed muscles, but also got a huge release out of my neck and I was able to walk out with about double my range of motion! Thanks Dr. Bryan for seeing me on such short notice and saving my vacation. I highly recommend and was impressed as a fellow chiropractor. 5 stars.” 

– Dr. Matt McManus

“Can’t thank them enough! Spent time with both doctors to resolve back/neck pain I was experiencing while working out. Learned a few great tips along the way and am now pain free! 

Thank you Bryan and Haley!”

– Joe Packer

Our chiropractors open on Saturday in Vancouver WA offer convenient hours and walk-in visits that work with your busy schedule. We are open Monday-Friday from 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm. We are open Saturdays from 9am to 12pm. Stop by and see us today so you can sleep better tonight! 



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