Preventing Running Injuries with Chiropractic Care

A feature article from Saugerties Post Star expounds on how runners’ mindsets change as they become more and more accustomed to their workouts:

“It may be to lose some weight, or it may have even been a high school coach trying to get you into shape for your ‘real’ sport.

Then a funny thing happened. Whether we crossed the finish line in first place, last place or anywhere in between, we were transformed. Sure, the health benefits remain important, but getting a personal record in a race was now more important.

No longer counting calories, it’s logging the weekly miles that occupies the runner’s attention.

In the early stages, improvement comes in leaps and bounds. As the weight is shed and the running legs get more developed, the capacity to do more grows, and we eagerly take advantage of the new found strength.

Personal best times seem like low hanging fruit, and we eagerly grab as many as possible. Then it happens. Injury.”

Runners, like all athletes, need to have proper conditioning to achieve and maintain optimum performance. However, all their hard work to stay in shape might go to naught if they also lack variety in their routine. Sprinting on the same surface again and again, and not replacing shoes after wearing them to log hundreds of miles, can lead to injuries that take time to heal.

To help prevent injuries and facilitate recovery from them, an experienced Vancouver, WA chiropractor can help runners diversify training workouts and recommend exercises that support the spine and lubricate the joints to get them moving more freely and efficiently. Cross-training prepares the body to react to slips, swift changes in stride, and uneven terrain. Moreover, it is essential to enable other body parts to develop their potential.

Those who want to prevent further injuries, including physically active people, should consult a dependable Vancouver, WA chiropractic practice like Forgey Chiropractic. After a prompt diagnosis, chiropractors come up with treatment plans that help ease the pain in problem areas, restore mobility, and set the body’s natural healing abilities in motion.

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