Six Easy Ways to Start Moving More

When asked what we should all be doing every day to promote health and well-being, Dr. Bryan told us we need to move more: “People who work at desks or drive a lot or are just sitting all day for several hours at a time should break up those periods of inactivity with a little bit of movement to change the position they’re in. Sitting too much creates poor habits, tension and tightness. Get up and move, go for a little walk, just change what you’re doing to relieve some of that tension and tightness.”

Finding time to exercise in our busy schedules can be tough, but you don’t need to commit hours a week to start moving more. Spreading your activity throughout the week still reaps all the health benefits of longer workouts, and finding ways to add movement to your current routines can help you stay motivated and on track.

Try these six easy ways to start moving more:

Take Regular Movement Breaks

Set a timer on your phone or smartwatch to remind you to move every hour. Take a few minutes to stretch, walk around your office or just shake out your body before getting back to work.

Try 10-Minute Workouts

Finding an hour block to exercise can feel impossible, but what about ten minutes? Whether you set your alarm in the morning for a few minutes earlier than usual or pencil in ten minutes after work, finding time to exercise is easier in smaller chunks. See how many ten-minute increments you can add to your week!

Walk and Talk

Whether you’re fielding calls for work or catching up with loved ones, take your calls on the go! Walking is a great way to up your movement, and talking while you do it makes the time fly by.

Do Double Duty

Think about other ways you can do “double duty” while increasing movement. Maybe its doing some yoga or lifting weights while watching your favorite show, or walking on the treadmill while reading the new book you can’t put down.

Take the Stairs

Skipping the elevator for even a few floors multiple times a week can make a difference. Remember that all these small steps add up!

Ditch Your Car

Even if you don’t live in a walkable neighborhood, strolling to the bus stop can increase your step count for the week. Get off a few stops before your final destination to squeeze in even more steps. Consider biking when you can, or simply parking farther away to increase the movement in your day.

There are plenty of opportunities to be more active every day. Challenge yourself to keep building on positive changes and find more ways to be active during your everyday activities. Your body will thank you!

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