Chiropractic + Yoga: Complementary Practices, Increased Benefits

Chiropractic care and yoga have both seen increasing popularity over the last ten years, and it’s easy to see why: both offer a wealth of benefits to both the body and mind. When yoga is done in conjunction with chiropractic, the rewards can increase even more. 

The two practices complement each other well. Yoga can decrease blood sugar levels and stress while strengthening the muscles and joints and boosting balance, endurance and flexibility. Chiropractic boosts the function of the nervous system, promotes better joint mobility, corrects body misalignments and more. 

Strengthening Ligaments and Joints 

Many forms of exercise target only one group of muscles at a time or focus on major muscles only, like your biceps or quads. Yoga, conversely, strengthens all the muscles, even the smaller ones we don’t think about much. Increasing strength in these muscles means less work for your major muscles and an increase of balance in the body. This reduces the risk of injury and makes recovery times shorter if you do suffer an injury. A body made stronger through yoga may also respond better to chiropractic techniques than one that is unbalanced, sore and stiff. 

Promoting Healing and Reducing Stress 

Yoga practices elongate and stretch the body while releasing stress and tension. If you practice before your chiropractic appointment, your muscles will be warmer and more relaxed, allowing our chiropractics to more readily begin treatments focused on healing. 

Boosting Mobility and Range of Motion 

Our patients often want their issues or injuries to be solved immediately. We get it — it’s frustrating when your body doesn’t work or feel the way you want it to. However, we often have to spend time “prepping” the body for healing and recovery. Yoga can be an important component of this because it improves your body’s range of motion and flexibility. This is especially important for people who suffer from hip, back, neck or joint pain. The more you work to increase your range of motion and mobility outside of our clinic, the less prep work we have to do during your visit. 

Reducing the Risk of Injury 

Both chiropractic and yoga promote balance, relieve tension, keep the body aligned and encourage your joints to operate properly. All of these benefits combine to create an even better one: reducing your risk of future injury. Contact us today to make an appointment for chiropractic care in Vancouver WA to begin your journey toward a life free of injury or pain. 

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