5 Reasons to Visit the Chiropractor This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for holidays, family, food and cheer! But unfortunately for many, it is also a time of stress, and all the hustle and bustle of the season can really take a toll on our health. Here are five ways visiting our chiropractors can help keep you healthy and feeling your best this holiday season.

1. Reducing Stress

While wonderful, the holidays can also be stressful. Budgeting for gifts, navigating family relationships, party planning and traveling can bring on all sorts of issues. If you find yourself experiencing headaches, lower back pain, jaw pain, tension, stomach aches or other symptoms, stress can be to blame. Put yourself first by coming in for an adjustment! Chiropractic is a powerful tool against stress’s negative effects.

2. Improving Digestion

Our eating habits tend to be upended during the holidays. You may be eating more, treating yourself to heavier foods and indulging in much higher levels of sugar than your body is accustomed to. This can make you feel bloated, gassy or even give you heartburn. Chiropractic can help! Stop in for an adjustment to improve communication between your nervous and digestive systems and do get your bowels running smoothly.

3. Relieving Headaches

Remember the stress we mentioned? It often manifests as headaches, and that kind of pain can put a serious dent in your holiday plans. Muscle tension through your shoulders and neck can can cause pain that makes enjoying the season difficult. Instead of suffering, schedule your appointment today for chiropractic treatment.

4. Saving on Chiropractic Treatments

If you’ve met your deductible for the current year, you may pay little or nothing for certain procedures at our chiropractic clinic in Vancouver. But remember — health insurance benefits reset at the start of each year. That means that come January 1, your deductible will reset and you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket for many procedures and treatments until you meet it again. If you’ve already met your deductible for the year, making an appointment for chiropractic services during December is a great way to get all the benefits you deserve. Similarly, if your health insurance has out-of-pocket maximums, check to see you’ve already met yours for the year. If so, your chiropractic care could be completely covered through the end of 2021.

5. You Deserve to Feel Your Best!

Give yourself a gift this season that will make you feel great. Take a break from planning, shopping, cooking, wrapping, hosting, cleaning, shoveling and baking to really pamper yourself. Our chiropractic adjustments are relaxing, release muscle tension and make you feel your best so you can continue to enjoy all the traditions and celebrations you love.


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