Welcome Our New Chiropractors!

Here at Forgey Chiropractic, we’ve always been dedicated to helping you live life to the fullest, improving health and focusing on your well-being. That commitment is at our very core, and it won’t change even when some other aspects around the clinic do.

For years, Dr. Neil has provided compassionate, effective chiropractic care to our patients but is no longer with Forgey Chiropractic. We wish him all the best in his new venture in buying his own practice.

We are also thrilled to announce two new chiropractors on the Forgey team — Dr. Bryan Gehm and Dr. Haley Gehm, who will be offering services beginning June 14 from 9am-5pm Mondays-Fridays and Saturdays from 9am-12pm. Along with Dr. Forgey, we look forward to continuing to offer you the best chiropractic care possible. Coming to us from Evergreen Family Chiropractic, Dr. Gehm and Dr. Gehm have a long history of outstanding care. Just listen to what their patients have to say:

“Hailey & Bryan are amazing. Having two chiropractic specialties in one office offers our family flexibility to see either one according to our needs. Hailey handles our migraine and jaw needs while we see Bryan for sports injuries or falls. Both great people!” – Michelle Stickley

“Fantastic chiropractic care! I’ve seen Dr. Bryan Gehm for nearly two years and am very pleased with the care I’ve received at the practice. He’s very thorough and takes the time to ensure his treatment is effective. Highly recommended!” – Kelly O’Keefe

I have had great experiences working with both Dr. Bryan and Dr. Haley. They were extremely thorough and able to explain exactly what was going on with my neck and back. Best of all, it only took a few visits to see a significant change! The care that they have provided me has helped me continue to pursue my active lifestyle, and I can’t thank them enough for that! – Adam Phaneuf

Learn more about our new chiropractors below, and please don’t hesitate to contact us at 360-573-5500 if you have any questions during this transition period.

Dr. Bryan Gehm

Dr. Bryan Gehm graduated from the University of Western States in 2013, earning a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, as well as a Master of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Science. Dr. Gehm’s undergraduate studies were at the University of Oregon where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Physiology.

A longtime athlete with a passion for the life sciences, Dr. Gehm’s participation in the fields of Chiropractic and Sports Medicine is truly a labor of love. As a neuromuscular specialist, Dr. Gehm uses an evidence- based approach to treat his patients using chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue work, nutritional counseling and exercise rehabilitation. Dr. Gehm has treated a wide scope of patients ranging from professional athletes and recreational enthusiasts to office workers and the elderly. In all cases, his success results from applying an unbiased and studied focus on a patient’s individual needs, concerns and expectations. It’s a disciplined approach designed to return each of his patients back to their optimal health, performance and comfort.

Dr. Haley Gehm

Dr. Haley Gehm was born and raised in the Vancouver area with her four siblings, Trista, Kitrina, Brandon and Avery.  She attended Western Washington University in Bellingham where she studied Biochemistry, then attended the University of Western States in Portland where she graduated with a Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2014.

Due to long-term personal experience with migraines, neck pain and headaches, Haley has devoted additional time researching and now specializes in these issues.   She enjoys taking her time with each individual patient and utilizing soft tissue work alongside chiropractic manipulation.

Haley is very family oriented and feels fortunate to be able to work with her husband since graduating. She now lives in Camas with her husband and two daughters Charlotte and Madison.

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