Custom Orthotics in Vancouver for Pain Relief

Pop quiz: What’s a common cause of low back pain, hip pain, knee pain and even sciatica pain?

The answer may come as a surprise, but it’s your feet!

Your feet are the foundation of your body, and subluxations or mis-positioned joints in them can cause biomechanical issues throughout your body. Even if your feet themselves don’t hurt, they could be causing problems with support, alignment and balance all the way through your neck.

Our custom orthotics in Vancouver redistribute pressure on your feet to resolve issues from back and knee pain to hip problems and even sciatica.

Custom orthotics Vancouver WA

How can custom orthotics in Vancouver make a difference?

Our custom orthotics are designed specifically for your feet to help you achieve a stabilized pelvis and balanced foundation. We combine exams and 3D scans to create unique custom orthotics just for you. No two pairs are the same!

flat feet Vancouver WA

We’ll perform a foot scan to understand how imbalances in your feet may be affecting the rest of your body, including your shoulders, back, hips and knees. Ailments in these areas are commonly caused when a foot is severely “pronated.” You may have heard the term “flat feet” before to describe the same thing — when a foot’s arches have fallen. Flat feet are a less stable base for the rest of the body and are less shock-absorbent. Severely pronated feet can shift your entire body out of alignment, lead to injuries and cause aches and pains in the spine, neck, hips and knees.

Our custom orthotics in Vancouver provide pronation control, support and comfort for pain relief.

Custom Orthotics that Fit Your Lifestyle

Foot Levelers custom orthotics are available here at Forgey Chiropractic in a variety of options to fit your lifestyle. We highly recommend InMotion custom orthotics because they provide added strength for improved performance along with moisture and odor control to keep you feeling your best all day long. Custom made to your feet, these orthotics can be used in virtually any shoe from sneakers to dress shoes, work boots and even low heels.

Through Foot Levelers, we are also able to offer custom orthotics designed for the sleekest-fitting dress shoes, orthotics engineered specifically for athletes and for those who work on their feet all day and may need an extra bit of comfort and cushion.

Schedule Your Custom Orthotics Consultation at Forgey Chiropractic Today

Custom orthotics can be an effective treatment option in addition to our chiropractic adjustments for issues including back, hip and knee pain. Schedule your appointment at Forgey Chiropractic today by giving us a call at  360-573-5500. We’ll conduct a comprehensive exam to determine the best options for relieving pain and restoring balance throughout your body and discuss whether custom orthotics are the right treatment for you.


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