Can Chiropractic Boost Your Immune System?

With cold and flu season underway in the midst of a raging pandemic, we cannot stress the importance of nurturing your immune system enough. Getting enough sleep, staying active, taking your vitamins and eating a healthy, well-balanced diet can help boost your immune system, but so can making an appointment with our chiropractors in Vancouver Washington here at Forgey. 

Spinal Misalignments Contribute to Stress on the Body

The body’s immune system and nervous system are intertwined and work together to assist the body in healing properly. Whenever the spine becomes misaligned, the body is unable to adjust to any abnormal changes that arise, which leads to insufficient immune response. Whenever an individual gets a chiropractic adjustment, the immune system and nervous system are realigned and begin to function normally.

Blocked Nerve Pathways Affect the Body’s Organs

When the spine has become misaligned, the nerve pathways become restricted and irritated, which directly affect the way the body’s organs function. When stress is placed on the spine, the immune system is altered and becomes susceptible to a variety of diseases. If the pressure that has built on the spine is not regularly released, inflammation of the nerves can occur, which can lead to the development of diseases such as depression, rheumatoid arthritis, and more. Scientific research has even indicated that the dysfunction of the immune system might play a role in diseases like cancer.

Chiropractors in Vancouver Washington Offer More than Just Pain Relief

While pain relief is an essential goal of any chiropractor, there is much more to chiropractic care than instantly feeling better. A chiropractic specialist also has the goal of relieving stress that is placed on the spine to ensure the nervous system is functioning at its prime. A study conducted in 1992 revealed that chiropractic adjustments drastically improved white blood cell counts in several patients, improving the immune response.

Benefits of Long-Term Chiropractic Care

In 1975, a scientist from New York’s Preventive Medicine Institute researched 107 different patients who had regularly received chiropractic care. He discovered that they had developed 200% greater immune competence than people who had not regularly received chiropractic care!

To reap these results and boost your immune system, make an appointment today! 

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