Worker’s Compensation Services from the Best Chiropractors in Vancouver, WA

Navigating the worker’s compensation system can be difficult, but we have the best chiropractors in Vancouver, WA who are skilled at completing the necessary paperwork and providing the treatment you need to get back to normal. Our highly trained staff makes sure your case is handled correctly from start to finish.

Approximately four million workers are injured on the job each year in the United States. Ranging from traumatic to chronic, these injuries can affect the head, back, spine, legs, arms, eyes, lungs or hands, and they can occur in any work setting from industrial facilities to offices. The causes of workplace injuries are as diverse, including handling of heavy items, exposure to hazards, poor ergonomics or human error.

Work-related injuries can be debilitating. Waiting to address them can cause chronic health problems, so we recommend starting the healing process as soon as possible. Forgey Chiropractic is the smart choice — we have the experience and knowledge to help our patients recover and thrive after most work accident injuries. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best chiropractors in Vancouver, WA!

Best chiropractors in Vancouver WA

Worker’s Compensation Services from the Best Chiropractors in Vancouver, WA

Getting back to work after an injury can be difficult. Your mental, emotional and physical health may suffer, but knowing there is someone there to help you heal and transition back to work is a step in the right direction. We coordinate care to make the process as smooth and safe as possible so you can successfully return to work and all the things you love.

Forgey Chiropractic provides all the necessary worker’s compensation services in one place, from your initial assessment to Functional Capacity Evaluations to rehabilitation and work conditioning. We take an outcome-oriented approach to our work and offer the highest quality of care during every step of the process.

Work Conditioning Programs

Before going back to work following an injury, we may recommend a work conditioning or hardening program designed to bridge the gap between your initial treatment and your return to the workplace. During this phase of healing, we will focus on developing strength, motor control and flexibility. You’ll see progressive improvements in your functioning to prepare you to once again meet the demands of your job. Our goal-oriented programs are fully customized for each patient so you can return to work as safely and quickly as possible.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

These comprehensive evaluations, often referred to simply as FCEs, measure your physical capabilities through a range of activities and lifts. We perform FCEs to assess your endurance, physical demand level and strength to determine when you may return to work safely. Your FCE may include activities that are specifically geared toward your position and test hand and arm coordination, strength, range of motion or sensation. You’ll receive clear, concise reports that determine whether it is safe for you to return to work, if future interventions will be necessary and if reasonable accommodations are needed to reinstate your position.

What Kind of Treatments for Worker’s Comp Do Chiropractors Provide?

Chiropractic care is focused on diagnosing and treating mechanical disorders that impact the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine. We provide nonsurgical, effective treatments for injuries and promote recovery without relying on medications. Our services include chiropractic adjustments, custom orthotics, lower-back traction therapy, physical therapy and more. You can learn more about the chiropractic services we provide here.

Should I See a Chiropractor if I’m Receiving Workers’ Compensation?

Yes! If you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you are entitled to chiropractor visits. Now is the time to focus on recovery! Many injured workers come to Forgey Chiropractic to treat back, joint and neck pain along with other symptoms of workplace injuries.

Common Workers’ Comp Injuries

Workplaces can be dangerous spaces, no matter your industry. Repetitive motions and physical labor cause a majority of workers’ compensation claims, and some injuries are more common than others. We often treat herniated discs, muscle sprains, sciatica, soft tissue strains and carpal tunnel syndrome related to the work of our patients. These conditions can cause chronic or severe pain, tingling, numbness and other issues.

Don’t Wait to Get Treated!

If you’re looking for a chiropractor near me who specializes in workers’ compensation injuries, look no further than Forgey Chiropractic. Our clinic is open six days a week with convenient hours so you can begin the healing process quickly. Give us a call today at 360-573-5500 to make your appointment with the best chiropractors in Vancouver WA.

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