A New Season at Forgey Chiropractic

As we say goodbye to summer, we are also starting a new season here at Forgey Chiropractic: our first without Dr. Doug Forgey. After 40 years of practicing chiropractic, Doug began his much-deserved retirement last month.

Our roots with Forgey Chiropractic go back many years. Dr. Haley’s father and Dr. Forgey were kids together, and I was lucky enough to intern with him when I graduated from school. From our earliest days as chiropractors, Dr. Forgey had a deep impact on us both.

While we have worked with many of Dr. Forgey’s patients over the last year, we know there are some of you we haven’t met with yet. Our doors are always open, and we hope you will schedule an appointment with myself or Dr. Haley.

We are proud to carry on Dr. Forgey’s legacy of providing compassionate, patient-centered care. He built this clinic with one goal in mind: to offer the quickest possible relief from pain. That hasn’t changed, and it never will!

We know trying a new doctor can be a little intimidating but our goal is to treat all of the patients with the same treatment style and care that Dr. Forgey did for so many years. Before his retirement, we worked closely with Dr. Forgey to understand how each of his patients prefers to be adjusted. With his input and notes, we are aligning our treatment styles to assure Dr. Forgey’s patients that the continuity of care will not be disrupted.

Whether you are struggling with back pain, headaches, injuries or other issues, we are here to provide the best chiropractic care and help you achieve a full and fast recovery. While we both treat a variety of issues, Dr. Haley specializes in chiropractic for migraines and headaches, and I have a strong background in treating sports injuries. Both of us continue Dr. Forgey’s commitment to creating a healthy dialogue with our patients and cultivating an environment of healing.

Just as our commitment to providing the highest level of care isn’t changing, neither are our hours. We will continue to be open six days a week and offer both same-day and walk-in appointments so you can get the care you need as quickly as possible.

Please schedule your appointment with us today. We’d love to meet you if we haven’t already, and we look forward to showing you that Forgey Chiropractic is the same caring, healing place it has always been!

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