Stressed? Time for an Adjustment!

Stress is a tension or pressure that results from demanding circumstances, and I think it is fair to say that the entirety of 2020 has been a demanding circumstance. Stress can impact every system of our bodies, and it makes our bodies work harder to perform normal functions.

Negative stress, the kind that comes from unpleasant circumstances, is also known as distress. Distress can be caused by things like experiencing a death in the family, a lack of sleep, working too hard, poor nutrition, or yes, dealing with a global pandemic and everything that comes with it.

Many people live with low-grade chronic distress that doesn’t actually go away, and nearly everyone experiences periods of heightened distress caused by life events. No matter which type of stress you are dealing with, your body is working overtime to deal with the physical symptoms, and it’s vital to keep your systems working as optimally as possible. That’s where chiropractic adjustments come in.

Chiropractic Adjustments Improve Communication

At every moment of every day, your brain is communicating with all of the cells in your body. This communication is essential for good health, and most of the communication system is housed in and protected by your spine. When your spine is properly aligned, your body can communicate optimally. When your spine is under stress or misaligned, your body’s communication can suffer. This is particularly damaging when you are experiencing distress because remember, during those times, your body needs to work extra hard to function normally. A chiropractic adjustment can help restore your communication system and help your body communicate effectively and efficiently.

Chiropractic Adjustments Remove Waste and Improve Circulation

Your body is also always moving fluids, including waste, blood and cellular fluid. Fluids move in and out of your muscles and throughout your body by a network of veins, arteries and lymph nodes. Communication and the free movement of joints are needed to facilitate this circulation and the removal of waste.

How does this relate to stress? When your circulation is impeded by the body’s stress response, waste can pile up and add a whole new level of stress on top of what you were already dealing with. Chiropractic adjustments can improve circulation and prevent adding fuel to your stress fire!

Chiropractic Adjustments Simply Make You Feel Better

Have you every felt like you are wearing stress on your shoulders or neck? That physical aching is such a burden, and dealing with it can cause even more stress! Chiropractic adjustments help break that cycle, relieve pain and help you deal with day-to-day stress a little easier. If you’re already going through hard times, that difference can mean the world.

Stress will always be in our lives, but we can help you find relief. Schedule your adjustment today at Forgey Chiropractic to help your body perform optimally!

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