Stop Living with Pain from Bulging Discs

Seniors, perhaps surprisingly, are among the happiest groups of people. Studies show they are far happier than their younger, middle-aged counterparts. Researchers tend to believe older people may be happier because they have better-developed coping skills and are more comfortable being themselves. Seniors also tend to have more time for enjoying loved ones, pursuing hobbies and participating in volunteering and civic activities. 

However, like all phases of life, growing older comes with its challenges. For too many people, bulging discs are a sign of aging. This painful condition decreases mobility and can seriously impact one’s daily life. Luckily, chiropractic can help. 

What is a bulging disc? 

Picture your spinal discs as jelly-filled donuts. A soft inner core is protected by a tougher outer layer. Bulging discs result when the outer layer stays intact but is weakened by pressure from the softer inner core. 

Common symptoms of bulging discs include pain, especially when moving the neck, tingling in the legs, muscle weakness, radiating pain in the limbs, numbness in extremities and changes in bowel or bladder function. Symptoms may vary depending on exactly where the problematic disc is located in your spine. 

How can chiropractic treat bulging discs?

Our natural, non-invasive treatments can address both your symptoms and the underlying causes of them. We’ll check out your entire spine, not only the section that’s affected by a bulging disc. This helps us understand if restriction or dysfunction elsewhere is actually responsible for the increased strain or stress on the disc. We’ll also use adjustment methods that relieve your symptoms, address joint dysfunction and restriction and get your body working properly again so it can heal. 

Effective and safe, our chiropractic treatments for bulging discs can relieve pain, restore mobility and help you start living your best life again. If you’re suffering from bulging discs, don’t wait — call 360-573-5500  to make your appointment today! 

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