Improve Your Golf Game with Chiropractic

As states across the country prepare to open up golf courses that have been shuttered due to coronavirus (including here in Washington!),  many of you are just itching to take to the greens. We don’t blame you! But did you know that as many as 80 percent of golfers will experience joint or back pain at some point in their playing years?

In addition to following social distancing rules, follow these recommendations to stay safe on the greens this season.

Improve Your Golf Game with Our Chiropractors in Vancouver WA

If you are an avid golfer, tee times shouldn’t be the only thing on your regular schedule – you should also consider making regular appointments with a chiropractor in Vancouver WA to boost your performance.

Proper posture is essential to a good golf game, and not just for your swing. It’s important for preventing injuries, too, but having good spinal alignment can encourage correct posture and give you an advantage over other players. With proper posture, you can improve your stability, balance and range of motion – all factors that can help you come in under par.

Each time you swing a golf club, you subject the discs in your spine to compression that can total up to eight times the weight of your body. That’s a significant amount of weight, and the compression and repetitive motion can cause a host of injuries, including bulging discs in the lower back and neck. Injuries of the wrist, hands and elbows are also common among golfers, but they can often be prevented with the care of a chiropractor in Vancouver WA.

If you do suffer from a golf-related injury, a skilled chiropractor can provide treatment that will have you back on the green in no time. Spinal adjustments, for example, can reduce pain and improve spinal mobility, and our holistic treatments can help regain your overall health and well being.

Our sports chiropractor in Vancouver WA can help prevent injuries and keep you in full swing for the entire golf season. Before you schedule your next tee time, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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