Getting Vancouver, WA Chiropractic Care Beneficial for New Mothers

Chiropractic, an alternative form of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, has attracted countless health professionals and a stream of loyal patients. This field of medicine has helped thousands become free from back and neck pain and achieve an ergonomic position to avoid future discomfort.

Now chiropractors are saying breastfeeding mothers are prone to spine disorders, as feeding their infants sometimes requires sitting in uncomfortable positions. Sarah Radabaugh, DC has written an article dealing with this topic on ACA News of the American Chiropractic Association:

“Breast-feeding mothers can benefit greatly from chiropractic care. All of the activities of baby care — from feeding and carrying to sleeping in difficult positions (if sleeping at all!) — put increased stress on a mother’s spine. Adjustments can greatly help a mother keep up with the demands of motherhood. Most postpartum patients develop pain in the upper thoracic spine. Neck pain and cervicogenic headaches are also common in this population. DCs should remember that a breast-feeding mother spends a lot of time with her head bent gazing down at her child.”

Improper breastfeeding positions and general infant-rearing can take its toll on the neck, back and joints. A Vancouver, WA chiropractic practice can provide a solution to this problem.

Chiropractic medical professionals understand the equal importance of breastfeeding and keeping mothers healthy. Using spinal adjustments, manipulation and other techniques, chiropractic care aims to manage patients’ health concerns. Chiropractic techniques are able to alleviate musculoskeletal pains, which may severely affect one’s mobility and function.

Another benefit of chiropractic care, especially for new mothers, is that the healing it provides is natural. The bodies of women undergo a lot of stress during their pregnancies and, of course, labor. Because of the extreme changes they experience, their bodies will need proper healing for them to go back to full health.

Medical facilities that house a chiropractor in Vancouver, WA know that they are providing safe and tested treatment to patients is their primary duty. Their chiropractors are professionals with exceptional levels of education and experience on the field. Mothers and other patients can rest assured that they are safe in the hands of duly licensed chiropractors.


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