Staying Fit at Home While Social Distancing

Across the country, many rules have been put in place to protect our communities during the coronavirus outbreak, but there’s been another consistent message as well: keep moving!! During this stressful time, exercise can help you maintain your mental and physical health. 

If you belong to a gym, you may have access to online classes or video sessions with trainers, but what if you don’t? There are plenty of ways to break a sweat and get your heart pumping at home without equipment! 

Head outside if you can stay at least six feet away from others. Run. Walk. Hike. Bike. Get fresh air and wave at others from a safe distance. If you’re new to walking for exercise, check out this post for tips to get started.

If you can’t go outside safely, think creatively and use technology to stay fit at home. Do crunches, burpees and push-ups while watching your favorite TV show, walk up and down the stairs while on the phone and use jugs of water as makeshift weights. 

Set an alarm to move around once an hour, challenge yourself to exercise before logging into work each morning or take time after dinner for a family game of soccer or tag in the back yard. 

Take a Free Class Online!

If you want to amp up your fitness routine at home, check out these free live-streaming workout classes and trials! 

Want a high-intensity workout but don’t have weights or equipment at home? Orangetheory’s daily 30-minute workouts include creative alternatives, like using coffee jugs instead of handweights.

Get your heart pumping with a free cardio dance livestream from 305 Fitness in New York City. The popular classes stream on YouTube for free at noon and 6pm every day.

If yoga is more your style, check out Y7 Yoga for free Instagram Live sessions weekly.  CorePower Yoga also offers free streaming live classes.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Explore YMCA 360 for on-demand programs and digital coaching, including free boot camps, barre classes, yoga sessions and more.

No matter which at-home workout you choose, remember to ease into a routine and stretch before any physical activity. If you notice pain, don’t ignore it! Contact our chiropractors in Vancouver WA — we can treat your injuries and get you back on track in no time! 

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