Decoding the Vancouver WA Chiropractic Concept of Subluxation

According to Statistics Canada, about 10 percent of Canadians experience back pain among other types of bodily pain. Lower back pain is arguably the most common complaint of Vancouver WA chiropractic patients. This condition can be traced to something that’s known to medical practitioners as subluxation.

Subluxation Defined

back massageSubluxation is basically partial dislocation. Chiropractic theory narrows the definition further to refer to vertebral misalignment though it’s sometimes used for dislocation in other areas of the body. According to chiropractors, the 24 vertebrae, sacrum, and coccyx bone should follow a centered alignment. If these bones deviate from the centered alignment, the affected bones rub against each other, as well as at the tissues between them, so the patient experiences pain and related conditions.


Trauma, poor posture, arthritis, and pregnancy are among the reasons the bones in the spine become dislocated. Trauma from accidents and injuries is the most common cause; poor posture, technically being minor trauma, results in subluxation over time. Likewise, both arthritis and pregnancy reduce the ability of your spine to bear weight. Experiencing any of these conditions, followed by immense pain, may point towards subluxation.


The Vancouver WA chiropractor takes an x-ray with MRI or CT scans to determine the nature of your subluxation. If subluxation is, indeed, your problem, your chiropractor will manipulate the affected joints to their correct positions. In minor cases, the chiropractor merely injects anesthesia prior to bone manipulation. For more serious cases, surgery may be necessary.

Post-Treatment Rehabilitation

human 3dYour chiropractor will use an immobilizer like a sling to prevent the affected joint from dislocating again. You may also be asked to undergo rehabilitation to avoid complications. Rehabilitation includes exercises recommended by your chiropractor. If you don’t follow these post-treatment procedures, you may suffer permanent damage to your backbone.

If you suffer from persistent lower back pain or any similar physical pain for that matter, it is always a good idea to get yourself checked at a chiropractic clinic like Forgey Chiropractic. Subluxation should not be treated lightly; your condition could worsen if you simply ignore what your body may be trying to tell you.

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