Back pain
Chiropractors in Vancouver WA recommend swimming to ease back pain
Summer is in full swing, which means it is also pool season! Taking a dip can cool you off and ensure a day of fun, but it can also ease back pain, according to our chiropractors in Vancouver. The buoyancy of water in pools takes stress off the joints, and the action of swimming or...
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When you were a kid, did your mom warn you not to swallow bubble gum because a gum tree would grow in your belly? Or maybe she told you not to cross your eyes because they’d freeze like that forever? Ok, neither of those are true, but you should have listened to her when she...
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Caring for your body, eating a well-balanced diet and making exercise part of your daily routine are all essential for staying healthy. Adding these good habits will also help make the results of your chiropractic care even more positive, and making small changes can add up to big differences. Making time to walk each day...
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