Better Neck Pain Relief from a Chiropractor in Vancouver, WA Than From Medications

Anahad O’Connor, writing for The New York Times online, reports on a new study that found how chiropractic care and home exercises are more effective in relieving neck pain than medication. In the study, led by Dr. Gert Bronfort, research professor at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minnesota, 272 patients suffering from neck pain were divided into three groups and made to do different things. One group received chiropractic treatment, another performed simple exercises at home, and the third was tasked to take common pain relievers like acetaminophen or stronger drugs like narcotics.

Results showed that among those who received chiropractic treatment, 57% experienced at least 75% reduction in pain; of those who were made to do home exercises, 48%; and in the group that took pain medication, only 33%. Neck pain has traditionally been one of the most popular reasons for doctor visits, and the study conducted by Dr. Bronfort and company helps in establishing the most helpful treatments for this condition. Statistics show that 45% to 51% of the population experience neck pain; thus, Vancouver WA residents who are suffering from neck pain may benefit greatly from a visit to a reputable Vancouver, WA chiropractor.

Neck pain is typically caused by injuries to soft tissues such as the muscles and ligaments. The basic treatment technique employed in chiropractic practice is the manual manipulation of the spine to achieve proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure. Chiropractic is considered an alternative medicine that aims to enable the body to heal itself without surgery or medication.

The study further showed that the positive effects of chiropractic therapy lasted longer compared with the effects of taking pain medications. One year after the exercise, about 53% of the group who went through chiropractic treatment reported a 75% relief from neck pain, while the group who took pain medication reported only a 38% reduction in pain. The researchers also found that those who took pain relievers continued taking them after the exercise and at more frequent intervals, something which could result to such side effects as gastrointestinal problems.

The healing benefits of chiropractic have been the subject of debates and scrutiny in the medical community. Dr. Bronfort’s study is, thus, significant in supporting the theory behind chiropractic healing. Many Vancouver chiropractic specialists, such as those at Forgey Chiropractic, have been highly successful in treating patients suffering from back and neck pains over the years.

Athletes and people who engage in various sports and physical activities are some of those who benefit greatly from chiropractic treatment. National teams who compete around the world tend to travel with chiropractors in their medical staff, and there have been many documented cases of successful chiropractic treatments among athletes. Consulting a chiropractor just might be the answer to anyone’s pain problems instead of taking pain medications.

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