This Valentine’s day, our chiropractors in Vancouver WA had a simple wish: love your spine! Follow these tips to learn how to show your spine some love and improve your overall health and well-being:

1. Correct your posture.

Poor posture puts a huge amount of stress on your body. Every time you hunch over, slouch or sit in an awkward position, you may be deteriorating your spine’s health, impacting mobility, reducing flexibility and causing pain.

With a bit of practice, good posture will quickly become second nature. Show love to your spine by keeping it neutral and allowing it to maintain its natural curves. Keep your shoulders relaxed and back, distribute weight on both feet evenly and hold your chin parallel to the floor.

2. Lift responsibly.

Lifting heavy objects can have a significant effect on your back. When lifting, bend at your knees and maintain an upright position. Keep your back straight and the object you are lifting close to your body to reduce strain.

3. Get active and stay active!

One of the best ways you can show love to your spine and your whole body is to use it! Exercise keeps your spine strong and flexible, and movement is medicine.

Ease into an exercise routine if you aren’t used to getting physical activity. Our chiropractors in Vancouver WA are happy to recommend ways to start in a healthy and safe manner.

If you spend your days sitting behind a desk, get creative when thinking about ways to increase your activity. Take a quick walk around the office once an hour, tackle the stairs instead of using the elevator and get off the train one stop before your normal one to get in extra steps.

4. Make an appointment with our chiropractors in Vancouver WA!

Forgey Chiropractic is a unique, multifaceted clinic. Our team of experts specializes in an array of areas including chiropractic care, therapy, rehab care, sports medicine and physical medicine. Our unique approach to treatment and diagnosis is natural, nonsurgical, hands-on and drug-free, relying on your body’s natural ability to relieve pain and restore overall health. Our mission is to provide you with the best chiropractic care and help you achieve a full and fast recovery from injuries.

For your convenience, we offer same-day and walk-in appointments. If you prefer to schedule an appointment in advance, call our Vancouver, WA chiropractic clinic anytime at 360-573-5500 to schedule a visit with our 24-hour answering service.

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