Vancouver, WA Chiropractor Tackles Shoulder Pain Causes

Along with back and neck pain, shoulder pain is one of the most common conditions a Vancouver, WA chiropractor helps treat. Like other musculoskeletal problems, shoulder pain can be caused by different factors, like muscle, joint and nerve damage or disorders.

Possible Causes of Shoulder Pain

A common reason for shoulder pain is bursitis, or the inflammation of the bursa, the fluid-filled soft tissue that cushions the joints. Swollen tendons and rotator cuff muscles that irritate the bursa often trigger bursitis. These soft tissues may develop tears after an injury or degenerate due to age, illness, osteoarthritis and overuse. A lifetime of golfing, baseball or other sports that cause repetitive strain can also lead to soft tissue degeneration.

Referred or Radiating Pain

You may experience shoulder pain due a neck or upper back injury. These three body parts are linked through nerves rooted in the same section of the spine, as well as through their muscles and other connective tissues. Pain in one region can easily spread to neighboring areas.

Any dysfunction in the joints along the neck or the muscles of the upper back can cause pain which may seem to originate from the shoulder joint or muscles, but the cause may not necessarily be an injury or problem with the shoulder.

Vancouver, WA chiropractic practitioners, such as those at Forgey Chiropractic, will thoroughly assess your condition and history and employ certain diagnostic procedures to pinpoint the problem. Whether the pain is confined to your shoulder/s or radiates from the neck, upper back, or any other body part, your chiropractic treatment will be tailored to address your specific condition.


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