Vancouver, WA Chiropractor: The Remedy to Junior’s Endless Crying?

Headaches in babies aren’t any more unique than in adults. However, it can be difficult for the parent to determine its presence since babies can’t talk.

According to the National Headache Foundation, headaches can be traced back to physical strain, stress, hunger, and inflammation of the sinuses. However, studies by French and Italian doctors found evidence that the headache and its more painful cousin the migraine can be a symptom for infantile colic.

Children and teens treated for migraine headaches at three hospitals in Italy and France were much more likely than other kids to have had colic in infancy. The link has been suggested in other research, and if it can be proven, it could offer new hope for treating colic, the researchers said.


“Infantile colic causes pain in babies and high levels of stress in parents. Preventive therapies for migraine could therefore be an option in the future,” said study co-author Dr. Luigi Titomanlio, chief of a pediatric migraine clinic at Robert Debre Hospital in Paris.

There’s a lot of discussion and debate regarding infantile colic, also called baby colic. Not much is known about this disease despite one of its signs─ crying for more than three hours a day─ being as old as medical history itself. Baby colic usually goes away after three to four months, but there are cases that persist even longer.

As less is known about the cause of baby colic, research on an effective remedy is minimal, if not absent. Common solutions range from changing milk formulas to giving herbal tea (except star anise tea since it’s toxic for them). However, in 1999, chiropractic care appeared as a prime candidate for colic remedy.

Researchers at Odense University in Denmark initiated a comparative study on chiropractic and dimethicone, which is often used in colic drops. Results showed that spinal manipulation was over twice more effective than the drug. The study raised questions as to the nature of colic as a visceral disease.

A Vancouver, WA chiropractor like one at Forgey Chiropractic, therefore, may perform the necessary operation on infants exhibiting colic symptoms. There’s a good chance the baby didn’t come out smoothly during delivery, inflicting damage on his spine and putting bodily functions on the fritz.

While it’s still difficult to diagnose colic, symptoms should be immediately brought to a doctor’s attention. Keep this in mind before you go to a Vancouver chiropractic expert.

(Article image and excerpt from “Colic in babies linked to migraine headaches, research says,” New York Daily News, April 17, 2013)

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