Solving Football Body Woes with your chiropractor in Vancouver, WA

Football is one of America’s national pastimes, and young athletes with sturdy physiques train hard to unleash their firepower out on the field. The rigors of the game do take a terrible toll on the body, however, and that warrants adequate support to keep in top form, including chiropractic care. An article on information resource Your Spine share the thoughts of one of the National Football League’s legendary players:

“Chiropractic care was key to keeping me in the game,” says Jerry Rice, who helped the San Francisco 49ers win three Super Bowl Championships between 1985 and 2000.

Noting for anyone who hadn’t already guessed that football is a very rough and vigorous sport, Rice explains that many of the pass patterns in a game—either long or short—required a maximum effort. “I took vicious hits from players nearly twice my size,” he recalls. “Thankfully, I had the durability to withstand those tackles, or I would never have succeeded or lasted as long as I did.”

Football demands dedication to keeping physically and mentally fit, and players in Vancouver, WA will certainly take it to heart. The seat of Clark County is home to a county-wide youth football league and a position skills training center; former Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicker Rian Lindell played football in the city as part of the Mountain View High School team. If you enjoy handling the pigskin on a run but are doubly cautious about serious damage to your body, a chiropractor in Vancouver, WA like the professionals at Forgey Chiropractic can attend to your needs.

jerry rice speaks out

Rice said his first experience with a chiropractor came as the 49ers prepared to face the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII. The treatments made a difference in Rice’s MVP-winning performance during the game, which included the touchdown that forced a 13-all tie early in the fourth quarter and triggered the 49ers’ 20-16 victory run.

Consultations with your preferred chiropractor can map out the frequency of sessions and the scope of adjustments. Rice’s own adjustment sessions took place twice a week.

Osteopathic manipulative treatment is the main procedure used for sessions with football players. The procedure involves adjusting the bones in problem areas to help release pressure on joints and improve coordination between the brain and muscle controls.

Vancouver chiropractic adjustments like those done at Forgey can work in other physically-demanding disciplines. Rice confessed that his 2006 stint on Dancing with the Stars generated much stress on his joints after long hours of practice. The adjustments were key to his and Anna Trebunskaya’s performances, which netted them second overall.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of in giving chiropractic treatment a chance. If it worked for Rice, it’ll work you.

(Source: Jerry Rice Speaks Out About His Success With Chiropractic, Your Spine)

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