Seek a Holistic Chiropractor in Vancouver, WA for Serious Leg Injuries

Even after sustaining a serious leg injury in a game against the University of Southern California (USC) this November, Connor Halliday still hopes that his dreams of playing in the NFL haven’t been totally quashed.

According to Jacob Thorpe of The Spokesman-Review, the Washington State University quarterback suffered an injured tibia and fibula when USC defensive lineman Leonard Williams fell hard on Halliday’s right leg during the game. Judging by the injuries, WSU coach Mike Leach wasn’t sure if his quarterback would still make it to the upcoming NFL draft this spring.

Washington States Connor Halliday broke whole ankle as college career ends

Specific information regarding Halliday’s leg injuries wasn’t released, but considering how at one point, Leach exclaimed that he broke “the whole ankle”, it’s probably safe to assume that Halliday’s football career is in jeopardy. Fortunately, there’s still hope for him to literally and figuratively get back on his feet.

Vancouver residents undergoing treatment for similar leg injuries should consider working with a respected chiropractor in Vancouver, WA, like Dr. Doug Forgey of Forgey Chiropractic, to facilitate their recoveries. Chiropractic care can’t completely mend a broken tibia and fibula, but it can greatly enhance the effects of physical therapy treatments that help people recover their legs’ normal functions.

It is not just football players who need chiropractors. While leg injuries are often caused by sports-related incidents, they can also occur at home or at work due to traffic collisions, accidental slips, pre-existing limb conditions (like leg cramps and diabetic ulcer), and other factors.

Perhaps a better alternative to physical therapy is the holistic approach to chiropractic, which combines chiropractic care and physical therapies with mainstream medicine. This approach is used to treat injuries like Halliday’s, since mending a fractured tibia and fibula is only half the battle. The next step is to help the injured slowly return to his daily routines, which for athletes often include training.

A Vancouver, WA chiropractic practice can administer the needed treatment and therapy, as well as ensure that the patient attunes his movements to support recovery.

An injury does not have to mean the end of a sporting career. In many cases, a good treatment plan that combines traditional and non-traditional solutions like chiropractic can effectively put an injured athlete back on the playing field.

(Source: Washington State’s Connor Halliday broke ‘whole ankle’ as college career ends, The Seattle Times, November 04, 2014)