Pointers to Consider to Find a Reliable Chiropractor in Vancouver WA

Research published in The Annals of Internal Medicine showed that engaging in simple exercises and undergoing chiropractic care can effectively reduce pain as compared to taking medications. For most people, non-invasive treatments are ideal to remedy illnesses. Fortunately, alternative forms of medicine, such as chiropractic, exist to help without the use of surgery or drugs unless necessary.


The International Chiropractors Association declared at a meeting during the Summit organizations held November 7, 2013, that doctors of chiropractic can clinically and cost-effectively provide the public what it is entitled to—a drug-free healthcare system:

For nearly a century ICA has advocated clear lines of distinction between the health care professions and stood for a drugless, non-surgical national definition of chiropractic. Unique among chiropractic organizations, ICA has maintained a no-compromise policy on the issue of drugs in chiropractic and has acted on a wide range of fronts, legislative, legal and in the media, to preserve this unique and highly positive aspect of chiropractic.

This is especially crucial at a time when our society at-large is recognizing the alarming complexities, costs and complications of a drug-based approach to treatment and the trend is strongly in the direction of a minimalist approach regarding drugs, and with good reason.”

While chiropractic is a non-invasive treatment that can address a variety of health issues, patients should remember that spine manipulation is a highly controlled procedure and requires the expertise of a certified and experienced professional. Reflect on the following pointers when searching for a chiropractor in Vancouver, WA:

Consult with a primary care physician or a physical therapist for recommendations and seek referrals from people you trust, like family and friends. The way you feel about the doctor and their practice (i.e. level of comfort given, rapport) should also be considered.

Choose a chiropractor who can help you understand your health issues as well as the treatments that you need to undergo. A reliable center for chiropractic in Vancouver WA like Forgey Chiropractic ensures that you are fully aware of your condition as well as the different treatment options available. 

Do your research well so you can find a trusted chiropractic practitioner. Check out listings of board-certified practitioners from various national associations and find out whether there are any medical lawsuits or disciplinary actions against the practitioner.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Chiropractic Organizations Unite Behind Public Position on Chiropractic as a Drugless Approach to Health Care, Chiropractic.org, 11/21/13)