Inside a Vancouver, WA Chiropractor’s Arsenal: A Physical Therapy

Debilitating sports injuries could be extremely painful for budding athletes in places like Vancouver, Washington, and can affect you more than just physically, but also emotionally and mentally. For certain injuries, a visit to your Vancouver, WA chiropractor will have you getting a recommendation for treatment through physical therapy or PT; in the worst of cases, PT will serve as rehabilitation after surgery.

when physical therapy can help

What is PT?

In general, PT aims to help an injured person get back on his feet using a variety of exercises and physical activities designed to restore function and mobility to the injured body parts. Physical therapy sessions will differ from one person to the next, depending on the extent of injury and the individual’s recovery needs.

Flexibility and Strength

Aside from restoring function and mobility, PT treatments also serve to improve the flexibility of tight muscles and improve their capacity for strength and endurance. After injuries, soft tissue tends to contract as scar tissue forms and hardens, thus it’s always important to stretch the muscles involved during rehabilitation so as not to hamper the body’s natural flexibility.

What to Expect

Thinking that you might be in need of physical therapy? Contributor Maura Kelly writes in Fitness Magazine about what you can expect in your PT sessions:

“If you’ve never been to physical therapy, picture a facility not unlike your local health club. Most clinics are housed in gyms, hospitals, or private offices and contain equipment such as treadmills, exercise balls, weights, and foam rollers. For your first appointment, ask what you should wear; comfortable, loose clothing[…]

Once you’ve checked in, you’ll meet your therapist, who will “test your strength, range of motion, joint stability, and flexibility to determine what underlying issues may have contributed to your injury,” […]. After the evaluation, your therapist will come up with a treatment plan to rehab the injured area, strengthen the surrounding muscles, and prevent you from getting hurt in the future.”

PT and Prevention

Did you know that physical therapy can actually prevent injuries, too? Many chiropractic and PT practices offer preventative examinations to identify weak spots in your body’s musculoskeletal system and find out which areas are most prone to injury. They will then prescribe the right exercises for your condition.

Efficient Vancouver, WA chiropractic care and physical therapy like that provided by Forgey Chiropractic can help you recover from your injuries and get you back to your regular routines in due time. Whether you’re an active athlete or just a regular person who just happens to be unlucky enough to get injured in the course of daily life, talk to a chiropractor today to know your treatment options.

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