It’s summer, which means long days in the sunshine, spending time outdoors and enjoying everything the season has to offer. Summer naturally brings smiles, but following these tips from our Vancouver chiropractic experts will ensure your season is both happy and healthy.

Practice Sun Safety

The shining sun is one of the best things about summer. The best way to prevent sunburn is to apply (and re-apply!) sunblock throughout the day, but if your skin does start to turn red, you can treat sunburn naturally with these methods:

– Cucumber: Slice some cool cucumber and gently rub onto your skin. The veggie’s vitamins and phytochemical can help heal and soothe your skin.

– Yogurt: If your skin does not have blisters, smoothing plain yogurt over it can provide cooling relief, and the phytochemicals in yogurt can re-establish pH balance and heal the skin.

– White vinegar: This kitchen staple is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory. Blot it gently on the skin using a paper towel or cotton balls.

Grill the Healthy Way

Grilling out is a summer tradition our Vancouver WA chiropractors love. We tend to do it the healthier way, though. Swap out brats and burgers for your favorite veggies, like mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and onions skewered on a kabob. Just toss in olive oil, add a squeeze of lemon and pop on the grill for a fast, easy, delicious and healthy meal!

Following these tips will keep you safe and healthy this summer!

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