These Days, Even School Kids Need a Chiropractor in Vancouver, WA

It’s not just sports activities that are causing back pains and injuries among children. WGEM’s multimedia correspondent Jeremy Culver reported that emergency rooms in the country treated about 5,000 backpack-related injuries last year, many of which involved kids lugging their heavy school bags daily. One school superintendent, Susan Johnson, shared her observation that students tend to pack all their books and supplies for every school day in their bags, although it may be unnecessary.

“There’s no sense in taking everything you need all in your backpack,” Johnson said. “Maybe a way to lighten your load, so to speak, is to take what materials you are going to need for your A days, on A days, and then the same to be said on B days. So that way it’s half of what normally they would need to carry.”

Health experts state that a loaded backpack shouldn’t be any more than 10 percent of the carrier’s weight. Any more weight can lead to back pains and other problems that demand the attention of a Vancouver, WA chiropractor like a professional from Forgey Chiropractic. Even if spinal injuries among children only constitute about two to five percent of all spinal injuries in the United States, these cases can be quite serious and complicated.

Heavy Backpacks

Scoliosis, the unnatural side-to-side curvature of the spine, may be exacerbated by carrying a too-heavy backpack. Children are more likely to develop scoliosis during their ”growing years” (ages 9 to 15), which is also the period when they are most likely to carry a heavy backpack.

Treatments for scoliosis vary depending on the severity of the condition and the age of the patient. For example, an adult whose spine has curved greater than 45 degrees would need to undergo surgery to treat his condition. Fortunately, children usually have more flexible spines, which means that their scoliosis is usually mild and can be treated with simple spinal adjustments, plus continuous monitoring for four to six months. That said, a Vancouver chiropractic specialist will still need to conduct a thorough examination just to be certain.

Who would’ve thought that a seemingly innocuous habit of carrying a heavy backpack to school can lead to serious consequences? It’s fortunate that back pains and spinal injuries can be treated with the assistance of the right professional.

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