A Chiropractor in Vancouver, WA Can Contribute to Better Athletic Performance

A Get2theLeague.com article reveals testimonies of some well-known sportsmen about the effectiveness of chiropractic care. Some of the athletes who contributed were NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice and former national weightlifting champion Keith Wassyng. The author stresses the role of chiropractic care in the body:

In “Chiropractic Can Improve Athletic Performance”, the author, Dr. Melanie Beingessner, a chiropractor in Canada, states that, well, chiropractic care can improve your athletic performance. I just learned this recently from my personal chiropractor, but in this article she explains that chiropractic care can help improve the function of the nervous system. Improvements in the functionality of the nervous system improves the efficiency of the communication that goes on between your brain and your body.

In the “The Winning Edge…” article, the author, Keith Wassung, a former national drug-free weightlifting champion who’s been honored as the “Man of the Year” by the Federation of Straight Chiropractic (and “Humanitarian of the Year” by the Southern Chiropractic Association), says that the improvement in bodily functionality that you can get from chiropractic care can improve healing and recovery for multiple injuries.


The chiropractic industry is quickly growing and is projected to reach $12.53 billion a couple of years from now. More and more people, particularly professional athletes, are seeing its benefits. One study found that an astounding 100 percent of NFL trainers questioned would recommend chiropractic care to their athletes.

Chiropractic care is a popular treatment in Vancouver, Washington, a city that hosts almost all kinds of sports; in fact, it will soon host this year’s National Goalball Championships. With all the strenuous activities involved in these sporting events, the expertise of a chiropractor in Vancouver, WA is extremely crucial. Every playing team should have a chiropractor that is accessible to its players from training to the actual games.

A chiropractor performs treatments that speed up healing should players sustain injury during workout or play. Vancouver, WA chiropractic services offered by clinics like Forgey Chiropractic serve as immediate care when sports accidents that damage a player’s musculoskeletal system occur. It is a certified safe alternative medicine for anyone.


(From Why Chiropractic Care Can Take Your Game to the Next Level, Get2theLeague.com, August 21, 2012)