Snow, ice and chilly weather are coming our way, and that can cause problems for people in Vancouver whose bodies are not in prime condition. Muscle spasms, tears and strains can be caused by fun winter sports like sledding, skating and skiing, and even using the wrong technique when shoveling snow or walking on icy sidewalks can lead to injuries and pain.

Simply warming up before pursing outdoor activities can prevent many issues. Before you venture out in winter weather, follow these tips:

Start your workout with seven to ten minutes of light aerobic activity, like fast walking, jogging or biking.

Skiiers should do ten to fifteen squats to warm up their legs before hitting the slopes.

Lunges are perfect warm-ups for skaters, and sledders should do knee-to-chest stretches before bouncing over the snow.

When you need to shovel snow, follow these tips to do so safely:

Give yourself plenty of time to shovel so you don’t sacrifice safety in an attempt to rush through the job quickly.

Wear layers of breathable clothing to keep your muscles flexible and warm.

Warm-up your muscles by stretching your shoulders, legs and back before shoveling.

Always bend your knees when lifting a snow-filled shovel to make your arms and legs do the heavy work, not your back.

Take breaks frequently to avoid fatigue and relieve strain from your muscles.

If you follow these tips but still experience pain or strain, contact us to schedule an appointment and get your body in tip-top shape for winter!

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